2016-2017 President’s Message

headshot_board_ciscoI can’t believe it is almost September! Kids are back in school and the fall conference season is getting ready to kick into high gear. And I am 2 months into my presidency of MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter, it has gone by in flash. One week you think you have it all under control and then 5 weeks pass and you wonder where has the time gone.

We’ve had a great start to the year, with an incredible turn-out of 45 people at the newly remodeled Palm for MPI after 5. And last week, about 40 of you braved the zip line with Colorado Adventures in Idaho Springs. The 2016-2017 Board of Directors is striving to bring new and different opportunities to our chapter members and the first two events were just the start, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! The education team has a fantastic line-up of new, engaging and relevant educational content; the finance team is working hard on the Golf Tournament coming up September 27th at Fossil Trace (sign up now) in Golden and another MPI after 5 in October; the communications team works hard every week to bring news that is important to you and keeps up with all the social media channels; and the membership team is busy talking to potential new members and engaging our current members and making sure everyone is getting the most of their membership; and the leadership team is guiding this amazing group of volunteers and building a strong community of meeting professionals, and I am humbled to be working with each and every one of them.

At the gala I rolled out my theme for the year, and it is “what’s your Why?” When you wake up in the morning ask yourself, “why do I do what I do?” For me it’s easy. My why is all about the people. I do what I do to meet new people, make lifelong friends and to continually learn and grow, while helping others learn and grow in their profession and to make new friends. There is nothing better than to have a conference participant walk out of a session and talk excitedly about what they learned. Or seeing people come together again at a conference and pick up right where they left off at last year’s conference. I have met some incredible people, and have traveled to some amazing places, and I will be forever grateful that I stumbled into this crazy profession.

Being able to serve as Chapter President is the ultimate Why, but I wonder am I doing enough for you, our members, for the board, for the local community and ultimately the global community. If there is anything that I can do to help you find your Why within MPI, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Ultimately, when you know your Why, you will be motivated to make the changes you need to make. I invite each board member to connect their personal Why to our work at MPI. And for the chapter members I invite you to do the same, connect your personal WHY to your membership and volunteerism within MPI. Together we can chart a plan for how that weaves together our individual Whys to ensure that we continue to stay relevant but to also thrive in the future.

Here’s to living for your WHY!

Stacie Cisco, CMP
2016-2017 MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter President