Carol Krugman CMP, CMM, MEd
Retired, MSUD

How did you react when you found out you were the fourth MPIRMC member to achieve Lifetime Honorary Member status?
Didn’t know anything about the others so this is a nice surprise to hear that I am not the only official old fart in the chapter 🙂

How did you get started in the industry?
Like so many others of my generation, I “fell into it.” I was a public relations and marketing manager in a multinational pharmaceutical company back in the 1980’s. There were no professional meeting managers in the company at that time, so part of my responsibilities included organizing press conferences and a variety of internal and external meetings and conferences.

How did you get to where you are now?
Do you mean how did I get to finally retire? Not too difficult – survived long enough, get old enough and managed to save enough to cover expenses. Leading a relatively boring life with few (if any) expensive vices also helps (he, heh, heh!) I should also add that mentally and emotionally, achieving everything I wanted to accomplish professionally has made the transition from hot-shot to has-been considerably easier 🙂 After getting two lifetime achievement awards within 12 months (PCMA Visionary Award, Events Industry Council Hall of Leaders induction) and then approval by the MSU Denver Board of Trustees to create a School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events (HEaT), there was clearly nothing left to do other than to buy a lottery ticket and retire. So I did.

Are there any mentors you distinctly remember who were supportive of your professional development?
Sadly, not really. Most of my professional development was self-generated – that is, learning from experience and from outstanding supplier partners in hotels and DMCs around the world. I discovered MPI 15 years into my career and by that time, I was already teaching and mentoring others.

What is your most significant achievement?
Awards and recognitions aside, making the successful transition from professional practice to academia, where I was able to lead the effort to develop not only a flagship BS degree in Event and Meeting Management, but also the future School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events (HEaT) at MSU Denver.

What are some of your favorite memories?
You’ll have to read the “The Life of Krug” when the memoires are published and watch the succeeding miniseries for an answer to that question. In a career spanning 30+ years there are really too many to even begin to list.

Where do you see the meeting industry in 30 years?
You must be kidding. Given the current rate of change in everything related to our industry, neither I nor anyone could even begin to predict what will be going on in 5 years, much less 30. And if I am still around at the age of 99, I will most certainly not be giving much of a crap at that point!

How has MPI helped or impacted your work?
I have said many times that my entire career as a meeting professional and all of the success I have been fortunate to experience are a direct result of having become involved and engaged with MPI in 1995. Over 23 consecutive years of non-stop volunteer leadership participation, I learned more than I could ever imagine about the breadth and depth of our profession, made invaluable professional connections and personal friendships around the world, and was provided with an outlet to share my specialized knowledge and skills with others. Whether teaching and training in MPI continuing professional education programs or adapting all that for undergraduate education, much of what I have done and accomplished in my life and career has been a result of being active in MPI.

If you weren’t in the industry, what career would you have chosen?
I was clearly meant to be a Broadway star, but was discouraged early on by my mother, who said something about nice Jewish girls not sleeping with producers, whatever that meant. By the time I was old enough to figure that out and weigh the pros and cons of that scenario, it was too late to break into show biz. Hence, my penchant for getting up in front of any size group of people ready to sing. Anywhere. Any time!