Dennis LaMantia
National Account Manager

Why did you want to be become a volunteer for MPIRMC?
You always get the most out of a membership when you volunteer. Working together on a committee builds camaraderie much more quickly than just attending events.

How did you become a Volunteer?
I just selected the committees I was interested in working on when I joined and someone contacted me.

What were you hoping to get out of volunteering within MPIRMC? What have you gotten out of your volunteer role thus far?
I wanted to get to know more people in the meeting and hospitality industry in Denver. I’ve done that in just a few short months on the MPI Auction committee.

What advice can you give a member that might be apprehensive to commit to a volunteer role within our organization?
Try it. Most of the roles don’t have a prolonged time commitment. If you like it great. If not, then you’re not in it for too long.

What keeps you motivated to volunteer?
There’s always more to learn. It could be learning about local industry developments. Or it could be a more job-specific skill but either way, there’s always more to learn.