jason-landersJason Landers
Membership Specialist

About Jason
I’m a Colorado native that enjoys everything our beautiful state has to offer, fly fishing, cycling, camping and hiking. I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for about 18 years starting out at family-owned rental car company at DIA. I’m Alumni from MSU with a degree from their Hospitality, Tourism and Event program and had my first hotel job as a Bellman and worked my way up from there. I’m currently a Membership Specialist at Inspirato.


Why did you want to be become a volunteer for MPIRMC?
I became a volunteer to further my advancement in the hospitality industry, create new connections and personal leadership growth.

What is your best MPIRMC volunteer experience?
My best MPIRMC volunteer experience would have to be a Gala event that took place a few years ago. It was one of my first events and I loved learning the process of how the committees worked together. By all of us using our creativity and collaboration, we pulled off a successful event for our members.

What advice can you give a member that might be apprehensive to commit to a volunteer role within our organization?
The best advice I can give is that the board is always supportive of the volunteer members. They continually strive to help us as volunteers and the support system is tremendous.

What’s the most valuable skill you have learned through volunteering for MPIRMC?
The most valuable skill I have learned from volunteering would have to be learning leadership through delegation and communication. These skills are not only important in my role at MPIRMC but also in my current career.

What keeps you motivated to volunteer?
My motivation is based on my dedication to MPIRMC and the loyalty that I have for the organization. I also thrive off of the challenges that arise and the ability to overcome through teamwork.